So, You Want to Connect?

Dear LinkedIn spammer,

Do you really think I am in need of your services?

Take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of the person receiving your inquiry. Would YOU respond favorably to it, if at all?

Probably not. Not because you’re a bad person, but we just don’t need your mediocre product or service. I’m confident in labeling at such, because if it was superb, you wouldn’t need to reduce yourself to the dregs of cold DM’s on LinkedIn to make it grow.

If I am in need of anything, I like to do my own research. I rarely, if ever, hop on a phone call to discuss the features or require a screen-share demonstration which requires me to ask a thousand questions which (ideally) your website should have already answered.

Please stop diluting the quality of the platform. Please stop impeding on the positive experience users have logged on to expect. Please stop altogether. Sales and prospecting clearly isn’t your strong suit. Perhaps consider a new career, or at the very least, a new approach to building mutually beneficial relationships which are not in the form of unsolicited messages.

Let’s clean up the web together.

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Sebastian is the author of "The Little White Book of SEO" and curates a weekly marketing newsletter.