6 Places To Find A Job In SEO

According to LinkedIn, there are over 25,000 search engine optimization professionals in the US market today. Each has a unique story of how they fell into the industry and how they carved the path that is their career in SEO. Some were self taught – some went the traditional route, while others landed a gig through a friend. Whatever the method, we want to make it clear what formal options are available to you as a potential SEO analyst and future marketing genius.

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1. Zip Recruiter

SEO jobs found: 28K+

Zip Recruiter appears to be the search engine with the most number of jobs advertised and therefore it makes complete sense to start there. They also allow for companies to reach out to you directly via their talent network when you create a profile, not to mention the ability to upload your resume and match with potential employers immediately. It would be wise to utilize ZipRecruiter in your pursuit of a career in SEO.

To see all SEO jobs by Zip Recruiter, click here.

2. GlassDoor

SEO jobs found: 19K+

Glassdoor is a fantastic way to look for a job in SEO. There are a number of features which sets it apart–one of them being the search filters which allow you to see if a job can be done remotely, along with the ability to narrow down the list by company rating (as employees can rate companies). The other unique marker of Glassdoor is the transparency with advertised salaries. Glassdoor will give a fairly accurate estimate as to how much the job in question is paying, which will allow you to save time (and money!) by only applying for jobs that are worthwhile.

To see all SEO jobs by GlassDoor, click here.

3. LinkedIn Jobs

SEO jobs found: 16K+

LinkedIn is different from the typical job board as you can directly apply with your LinkedIn profile. It also has the added benefit of matching your skills with those found in the job description, which can give you a better idea of your odds of securing an interview. The other great feature of LinkedIn jobs is it displays how many other candidates have applied for the position, which you may even use to your advantage when negotiating salary and benefits for example.

To see all SEO jobs by LinkedIn Jobs, click here.

4. Indeed

SEO jobs found: 12K+

Indeed is a minimalistic job board which delivers a clean and pleasant experience. Similar to other boards, it gives you the ability to upload your resume and apply for jobs with the click of a button and receive email alerts the moment a new job is posted. With thousands of jobs posted on the site daily, it’s a good idea to see what Indeed has to offer and why they are the most visited job board in the world.

To see all SEO jobs by Indeed, click here.

5. Monster

SEO jobs found: 5K+

Monster is a typical job board, but with a twist. They seem vested in finding you a job through some impressive resources they’ve made available to all, such as their career advice articles and free resume assessment tool. They also have job fit scoring, showing you which jobs are most relevant to your skills and interests — along with email alerts directly to your inbox when you create an account. Monster doesn’t stop there. They even offer a professional resume writing service, which includes a custom cover letter and a LinkedIn makeover for a fee. If you have been looking for a while and need a little help, Monster may be the way for you.

To see all SEO jobs by Monster, click here.

6. Flex Jobs

SEO jobs found: <1K

Flex Jobs is, as the name suggests, a job board with a focus on flexible hours and remote work. Flex Jobs is fantastic if you want to look for extra work on the side or want to get your feet wet and see if SEO is really something you want to do as a fully fledged career. Flex Jobs has great filtering functionality with their advanced search tool, allowing you to narrow down jobs by country, work schedule, remote work level, traveling preferences and notable labels such as “Fortune 500” or “Top 100 Ideal Employers”. For a small fee, they also offer career coaching on call if you should feel the need for one.

To see all SEO jobs by Flex Jobs, click here.

Bonus: Job in SEO

Job in SEO is a new website which only lists SEO jobs (duh) and lists them based on your geographical location. While it is still early days, it is something to keep track of in your search for a job in SEO.

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